Vegan Sweets & Treats eBook

I'm so excited to share with you my first vegan dessert eBook! I've put together some of my favorite treats that are perfect for anyone looking to indulge on the healthier side. Even if you're not vegan, these delicious and simple creations are just what you need to satisfy any sweet tooth. I hope you enjoy!

Vegan Sweets & Treats provides:

  • Instant Download
  • Over 30 Delicious Recipes
  •  Vegan
  • Mostly Raw
  • Stunning HD Photos of Every Recipe
  • Simple Ingredients
  •  Learn What I Use to Create My Fun Little Flowers
  •  My Top Pantry Items
  •  Mobile Friendly

Only $14.99

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Only $14.99

Mobile Friendly

What People Are Saying

Jo RossHealthy Eating Jo

If you love banana Nicecream, Peanut butter and Oats - and let’s be serious, who doesn’t! -  Then this is the eBook for you.  So many beautifully illustrated and easy to follow recipes, made with simple ingredients, that anyone can make.  Impress your friends and keep your tummy happy, with an array of delicious treats, and learn how to easily make Stephanie’s iconic edible roses.  Well done Stephanie, I can’t wait to get creating!


Absolutely beautifully designed and such great dessert recipes. It's easy to understand, even for people who aren't used to a plant based diet.

Therese Bas

Vegan, What?'s eBook is full of wonderful recipes both that are yummy to eat and look at as well as it is easy to make. I have personally made the cherry banana ice cream and I didn't know my little ones would love it so much that I barely ate it for myself since they didn't feel like sharing with me. One thing that's on my wish list is to add some those flowers so they can look as pretty but without it, it's just as tasty. You'll love the recipes, you'll love how healthy it is, and you'll just basically love how it's a guilt free satisfaction to your sweet tooth. Vegan, What? rocks!


Only $14.99