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Hey everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. I’ve been using Follow Your Heart’s “vegan egg” from time to time, trying out different recipes and I finally got around to making an omelette. I’ve been meaning to make one for a while now and last week I finally made it happen.



Had to add some fresh veggies, of course.


Make sure you use ice cold water when mixing the vegan egg. I always blend it in my blentec twister jar.

Saute mushrooms.


Add onions.


Throw in some green peppers and tomatoes. Once the veggies are ready, set them aside.


Take the blended vegan egg and pour into pan. They said to scrape everything to the center of the egg, so it can cook evenly.


Add veggies and vegan cheese on one side.


Once you notice the other side start to brown and the edges are easy to lift, then flip it over to cover the ingredients. Let it heat up a few more minutes.


Use a spatula to slide your omelette onto your plate and enjoy!


So, my overall impression of the omelette was that it was a little bland. I definitely had to add some hot sauce to give it some flavor. Make sure you season it well, so that you don’t run into this issue. I liked the texture and it looks just like an omelette, so other than the flavor I think it works.