Healthy Immunity Summit

Maximize Your Immune System in the Midst of Chaos

5 Days  | May 18th – May 22nd 
9AM (PST) & 5PM (PST)

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Maximize Your Immune System in the Midst of Chaos

With these trying times, it seems like anything and everything is trying to keep you from living your best healthy life. If it’s not one thing, it’s the other.

Listen, I know you want to protect your immune system.
The problem is you don’t know how or where to start.

Meanwhile, your body is screaming for a change, but you have so many unanswered questions holding you back… 

  • Will I get sick?

  • How can I make sure I’m getting enough exercise?

  • How do I keep from feeling stressed out every day?

  • How do I keep from snacking all the time?

Look, you can’t always change your circumstances but you can change how you react to them. Now more than ever, is the time to change your reaction and provide yourself with the best opportunity for health.

And the Healthy Immunity Summit is the place for you to do that. Here, you’ll find out how to boost your immune system in ways that:

  • improve your health

  • reduce stress

  • improve your mood

  • have more energy

  • develop strong gut health

  • are more productive

  • decrease the risk of diseases/illnesses

  • increase your chances of living longer

… and so much more.

You’ll also collaborate and connect with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts who will provide you with the no-fluff tips and the take-action strategies you need to get yourself back on track.

AND, you get all the strategies, resources, tips and guidance absolutely FREE. All you have to do is show up for yourself (and your health).

At this FREE online summit, you’ll get the tools and resources you need to create a strong healthy immune system and thrive in this “new norm”. Take the steps needed to develop a healthier you, no matter the circumstances.

So, if:

  • You’re concerned about protecting your immune system

  • You know it’s time for a change in your life, but you don’t where to start

  • You feel overwhelmed or stressed out

  • You want to eat healthier but don’t want to break the bank

  • You’re looking for holistic healing as well as traditional medicine

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Dr. Kela Henry


Dr. Kela Henry is a family practice physician, speaker and award-winning author of Nia & the Numbers Game: A Teenager’s Guide to Education, Relationships and Sex. She is a Southern physician with strong ties to her community. At her successful practice, where she supports healthy diets, exercise and holistic healing whenever possible, Dr. Kela is passionate about the health of teenage girls and believes in giving back to organizations which focus on the education and empowerment of this demographic. She enjoys teaching and speaking with girls as early as their freshman year in high school, inspiring them to start thinking about the process of applying for college or vocational school. She discusses health issues such
as hygiene, nutrition and the role self-esteem plays in their lives overall.

Dr. Anika S. Goodwin, MD, FACS

EYEmergencyMD, Inc.

Anika S. Goodwin is a board certified ophthalmologist with subspecialty training in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery. She is the co-founder and CEO of EYEmergencyMD, Inc., the first and only acute care ocular telemedicine company and founder of OpulenceMD Beauty, a luxury eye-specific beauty brand featuring luxury magnetic lashes.  Dr. Goodwin specializes in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the eyelids, brow, midface, orbits, and tear ducts. She has performed over ten thousand surgical procedures in her career.

Dr. Goodwin is passionate about ubiquitous access to high quality eye care. She serves as an advocate and thought leader in the ocular telehealth world in her pursuit to make preventable blindness a thing of the past. She is also an advocate of safe eye related beauty products and has a line she personally created called OpulenceMD Beauty which couples luxurious beauty with unwavering safety. She marries the two initiatives by sponsoring a screening examination for someone who could not otherwise afford it with each sale of a double lash essentials kit from her beauty line. Additionally, she provides her luxury magnetic lashes to hundreds of women suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy free of charge in order to help boost their confidence and encourage them on their journey.

Dr. Pamela J. Middleton, M.D.

Pamela Middleton, MD known as ‘Dr. Pam’ is a physician, international bestselling author and speaker on holistic health and wellness.

Dr. Pam has been a guest speaker at numerous events where she has wowed audiences with information on natural health and healing options that are not widely known. She has authored books and articles on holistic and integrative health.

Dr. Pam received her medical degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, MI and completed a pediatric residency at Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit. Also, she completed the International College of Bio-Energetic Medicine and is certified in Clinical Homeopathy and Practical Applied Nutrition.

In addition to working as a locum tenens (traveling) physician, Dr. Pam offers women’s well-being coaching, telemedicine, consultative services and online courses.

Dr. Pam speaks to college students, youth groups, religious organizations, sororities/fraternities, mothers, women’s groups and corporate audiences about holistic health and wellness.

Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner, MD, MPH, FACEP

Lifeline Medical, LLC

Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner has 20 years of experience in emergency medicine and is a leading authority on saving lives.

He founded Lifeline Medical, LLC, in Bowie, Maryland, in 2004, which consults with hospitals and health-related companies. Additionally he still practices in the Washington metropolitan-area. He’s also served as the attending physician for the ER at Southern Maryland Hospital and St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore. He was an attending physician for the Dept. of Surgery at University of Maryland Medical Systems.

He served as the chairman of Emergency Medicine for Howard University Hospital for seven years until the mayor of Washington, D.C. recruited him to become the city’s medical director and assistant fire chief for EMS.

Dr. Varner’s received numerous awards and honors, including the Mayor’s Citizen Award, District of Columbia Hospital Association STEM I Award, State of Maryland Governor’s Citation, and Prince Georges County Department of Health Citizens Citation (for work with disadvantaged black males).

Dr. Varner is the author of Home Alive: 11 Must Steps to Surviving Encounters with the Police.

When he’s not treating patients and advocating on behalf of them, he’s running marathons in Chicago, New York City and the Marine Corporation. He’s also completed several triathlons. He resides with his wife, 14-year-old daughter, and 11-year-old son in Mitchellville, Maryland.

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Monica Jenkins

Mack & Jane

Biochemist turned artist practicing integrative nutrition while raising a toddler, a teen, and a decade old delicious business.

Nzingah Oniwosan

Yes Baby I Like It Raw

Her desire to use the arts as a tool for healing is her motivation to keep transforming communities. Nzingah Oniwosan is a Haitian-American inspirational speaker, certified yoga instructor, and holistic health consultant. As an award-winning interdisciplinary artist, She has worked directly with over 100,000 children and adults nationally and internationally to help integrate arts and culture seamlessly. Nzingah is also a classically trained pianist and certified chef.

Founded in 2005, her company, Sankofa’s Child uses art to engage, build, inspire, and heal individuals, families, and communities. The impact of her work has led her to speak and lead professional development workshops at national and international conferences.

She has been featured in the Sun-Sentinel, Essence Magazine, Mantra Magazine,

Heart Soul Magazine, Veg News, and Art & Culture Magazine. In 2015 she was one of Legacy Magazine’s “40 under 40” honorees

Krystal Taylor

Fitness Is Not A Game

Krystal Taylor is a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and owner of Fitness Is NOT A Game. She’s helped hundreds of people get healthier and lose weight by providing meal plans and workouts that are quick, yet effective.

As a wife and mother of two super dope young men, she understands the limitations of time throughout the day. However, she’s a firm believer that getting healthy is a mindset issue first and focuses on educating people on the benefits of making time for it. Her belief is that anyone can reach their health and fitness goals by adopting a balanced lifestyle, not following fad diets. As part of her balanced lifestyle, she’s an AVID avocado lover but also a beer enthusiast.

Although you will lose inches on her programs, her goal is to help you find the healthier you.

Jeff Austin

Plant Based Jeff, LLC

Jeff is  a Mississippi native who provides plant based education & products to combat obesity &  health problems in the black community.

A little over 4 years ago he was sick, overweight, and had a toxic mindset. After watching the What the Health documentary on Netflix he decided to give the Vegan thing a try. Jeff had no clue to what he was doing but found the right people and information along the way. He started off with Dr. Sebi’s alkaline vegan diet and he gives credit to it and sea moss for allowing him to shift his mindset, lose over 70 pounds and getting off 8 different medications and reversing many long time illnesses.

These days Jeff feels like a Superman. In great health and a sound mind Jeff now devotes his time to educating our community with online courses on going plant based and provide all natural products such as sea moss and more.

Angela Hawkins


Bamblu is a sleep company that offers luxury eco-friendly bamboo bedding and solutions for relaxation. We are an Atlanta based woman owned business founded in 2017, that provides customers with lifestyle options where they can get the rest they need to live the lives they want.

Our linen is made from 100% organic bamboo with moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and odor resisting properties that create an irresistible sleep environment while elevating comfort and quality.

We believe that a good night’s sleep is an integral part of living. It’s more than a routine. It’s a ritual that will improve your quality of life!


Brialle Ringer

Be Well with Brialle

Brialle Ringer integrates her degree in Social Work, a deep commitment to social justice, and a Black Feminist framework to approach health and wellness. She views personal transformation as an integral piece of collective liberation and knows that when we heal ourselves we heal the world.

With her company Be Well with Brialle and her signature 7 week Chakra Yoga Course, she facilitates a journey of self-discovery and holistic healing using yoga, chakra education, and plant based nutrition. Brialle specializes in working with activists, sharing the power of self-care for sustainable movements.


Stephanie Williams-Johnson

Vegan, What?

Stephanie is a vegan social media influencer, born and raised in sunny California. She’s a proud vegan foodie of 9 years, and runs a healthy vegan lifestyle blog called “Vegan, What?” Her mission is to simplify veganism for everyday people so that they can live longer and be there for their families. She actively pursues this goal through her social media platforms, ebooks, apparel, and meal plan services.

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