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The Vegan Foodie Bundle is the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to transition to a plant-based diet.

This bundle features a variety of vegan, plant-based, and healthy lifestyle resources from a group of incredible influencers. Get everything you need to live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life at an unbeatable price.

Sneak Peek of What’s Inside

Recipe eBooks

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes galore! You’ll never run out of ideas of what to eat with our collection of incredible recipe eBooks.

Workout Programs

Let’s get physical! If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life or if you just want to start reaping the benefits of physical exercise, then we’ve got you’ve covered. Learn from certified fitness trainers on the best moves to look and feel your best.

Meal Plans

Learn from the best on how to make delicious healthy plant-based meals by taking out the complexity and guesswork of what to eat for the week.

Self Love Programs

Rebuild a healthy relationship with your body and learn to love yourself from the inside out with our self love courses and guides.

And Much More!

We just grazed the surface of all that’s in store for you with this amazing Health & Fitness Bundle

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Vegan Foodie Bundle

Recipe eBooks

Workout Programs

Meal Plans

Self Love Programs

Cooking Classes

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Meet the Creators!


7-Day Vegan Challenge

Challenge yourself to a full week of meat-free, dairy-free vegan meals! This 41-page ebook contains simple and delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes laid out in a menu-style meal plan to make it simple to stay on track all week so you never have to think about what to make each day. 7-Day Vegan Challenge also includes bonus dessert recipes as well! All recipes are gluten-free also.


Vegan Thai Food Made Easy

Vegan Thai Food Made Easy includes a great selection of vegan Thai recipes, there's 21 awesome recipes, and three bonus recipes, including the most popular Thai dessert ever. The best vegan Thai curries, stir fries and sides can be found inside! 


Self-Care Isn't Selfish: A Self-Love Mini Course to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul

The purpose of this course is to set up intentional preventative self-care measures to beat burnout, overwhelm and stress before it even starts. Includes worksheets, guided meditations, and a Self-Care journal. 


21 Day Tone Up Challenge

It only takes 21 days to create a habit. So dedicating yourself to these 21 days is a great way of incorporating fitness into your routine. These bodyweight exercises are sure to challenge and sculpt you. 


How Do I Juice?

In the book “How Do I Juice?” by NomadicJuicer, you will be given the set of tools you need to start juicing to be the best version of yourself. You will discover the key to start regaining your energy, vitality, and wellness to transform your life and become the authority of your health.

In the book are included 30+ hand crafted recipes by NomadicJuicer.


Savory Oats (‘Cause Oats Are The Best!) Cooking Class

In this class we make savory curry granola, oat potato sausage patties, thyme sausage steel cut oats, oat groat risotto, and pepperoni oat crumbles. Watch as many times as you like!


The Vegan Zombie Cook and Survive

– over 85 mouth-watering recipes
– over 60 full-page color photos
– includes the illustrated adventures of The Vegan Zombie
– Step-by-step, easy to follow instructions
– easy to find ingredients
– suitable for all levels of cooking experience
– with American & Metric measurements


Sea Moss Gel eBook

In this e-book you'll learn about the health benefits of sea moss, how to properly store your gel, information on where to purchase your moss, and a few quick and easy recipes to try out with your loved ones! 


Get Off Sugar Program

Get Off Sugar is a powerful program that can help you reduce sugar cravings and your dependence on sugar by up to 89% using herbal remedies and other plant foods.


Superfood Latte & Smoothie Recipes 

This recipe ebook features delicious latte and smoothie recipes to help you incorporate superfoods from around the world into your diet on a daily basis.


Ms.FitVegan's Introduction To The Raw Vegan Lifestyle : A 7 Day Meal Plan Guide 

A Guide On How to Try Out A Raw Vegan Lifestyle! Learn What To Expect, How To Easily Follow Proper Food Combining, The Best Tips & Tricks To Staying Healthy! Includes A 7 Day Meal Plan, A Full Shopping Guide + MORE! 


Eating Whole

Easy and Healthy Whole Food Plant Based Recipes and 28 Day Meal Plan


Express Vegan Cookbook (5 Ingredients, 15 Minutes, Super Easy)

Can I plan lunch for you for a month? Or maybe dinner? How about 25 delicious main course meal recipes using 5 main ingredients that you can prepare in 15 minutes on any busy weekday? When life gets busy, you sometimes only have 15 minutes to prepare a nutritious and yummy lunch or dinner. In this e-book, we would like to share with you our tips and little hacks how to be effective, how to stay organized, how to choose the right ingredients, how to shorten the preparation and the cooking time including 25 delicious main course recipes to get you set up right away!


Easy Raw Vegan Eats

Super simple, gadget-free, low-fat raw vegan recipes for a balanced body and clearer skin. Low fat, nut-free recipes. Ideal for women who want to balance hormones and heal acne naturally.


Vegan Meal Planning: The Simple Six

A simple approach to meal planning and prepping using minimal ingredients. Included in this ebook is a Meal Planning and Grocery Template, a One Week Meal Plan, Grocery List & Recipes.


Simple Raw Vegan Recipes by FruityEva


You want more health, energy, and vitality?! YOU WANT YOUR DREAM BODY & SMOOTH SKIN?! THEN THIS EBOOK IS FOR YOU!!


Raw Food Immersion

If you are interested in living foods and its health benefits, then ‘Raw Food Immersion' is for you. Crack the sugar and fat myth, enjoy delicious recipes, a 7 day meal planner and shopping list is included, plus minimal kitchen tools are required.


7 Day Raw Vegan Meal Plan 600 Calories

Self Healing Inspiration's 7 Day Raw Vegan Meal Plan 600 Calories by Amy Hager is designed for a 5'6″ woman who's target weight is 130 lb and looking to get in the best shape and health of her life!

Amy's meal plan is simple and healthy so that you can find success going raw without having to stress out about complicated meals.

All her meals are 600 calories so that you stay under 2050 calories a day with two 125 fruit snacks.

If you are looking to lose weight the easy way and go raw without eating too many nuts and seeds then this is a must read!

All recipes are oil free, low fat and use low calorie dense foods so that you can EAT MORE and WEIGH LESS.


Fruit is the Real Fast Food

If you are ready to release unwanted, excess weight…
If you want the quickest, easiest, most delicious, and satiating recipes…
If you want the convenience of fast food without the weight gain, lethargy, and side effects…

Then this is the perfect book for you!

With tons of ridiculously simple and easy recipes, you will actually ENJOY the weight loss journey with Fruit Is the Real Fast Food: Ridiculously Simple Recipes for Weight Loss with 5 Ingredients or Fewer.


4 Week Home Workout Plan: Dumbbells Only

4 weeks of 5 workouts per week that you can do in the comfort of your own home with just dumbbells or your body. Includes bonus cardio workouts and body weight only workouts, totaling 26 full workouts! Download now for instant access. Workouts are 30-45 minutes long.


5-Star Salad Mastery

5-Star Salad Mastery is the ultimate blueprint for creating satisfying and delicious salads every time.


Raw Bites

The latest collection of raw recipes by Fiona Sheppard or RawCrush. If you love entertaining or long grazing events, then this book is for you. 116 pages with 86 recipes that can be used as shown or mixed and matched to suit your taste. All beautifully photographed to inspire your next event.


NiceCream by Wendy

Delicious Natural & Creamy Fruit-Based super nice Ice Cream


Master Your Meal Prep

Master Your Meal Prep is a soup-to-nuts guide for busy people trying to optimize their plant-based meal prepping experience


10 Plant Powered Breakfast Ideas

10 Plant Powered Breakfast Ideas


Body Love

A three-week guide that will help you transform your mind & body, and to help you get to know your soul on a deeper level.

Centered around: shadow work, mindfulness exercises, intuitive eating, your higher self, and high-vibe food.

It includes 45+ simple and easy plant-based recipes.


Nourishing Oats

Nourishing Oats has 30 satisfying breakfast oats recipes that will change your breakfast life. Seriously, they will take a so-so bowl of oats and make them fire! Not only will it give you 30 delicious oats recipes, but these recipes are also quick, easy and can be made by anyone. There’s even a few childhood faves such as Snickers, Birthday Cake, and Cookie Dough Overnight Oats.


Vegan For Everyone – 125 Amazing Vegan Recipes

If you're really serious about trying a plant-based diet and want more than enough recipes to keep you satisfied for any occasion then this Vegan For Everyone eBook is the ideal first step. Recipe examples include: Vegan Staples, Easy Vegan Weeknights, Kid Friendly Vegan, Vegan Snacks & Finger Foods, Homestyle Vegan, and so much more!


Happy Herbivore Goes BOWL-ing: 58 One-Dish Plant-Based Vegan Wonders

58 vegan, plant-based (no oil) and gluten-free bowl recipes from the Happy Herbivore.
46 recipes have 11 ingredients or less & 29 recipes require ZERO cooking (done in 5 minutes or less!).


4 Week Vegan Meal Plan eBook

Created by a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with Nutritionist approved recipes, this meal plan will provide you with incredible recipes for you and your family! You can still enjoy some of your favorite meals including Mexican food, Italian food, desserts, and so much more. The recipes are flavorful, and they also have a focus on using mostly whole food ingredients. Best of all, you don’t have to be a pro cook to make the recipes, as they're easy to make, and they use simple ingredients found at your regular grocery store.


Best Of The Best: 10 Raw Vegan Recipes You’ll Want To Make All The Time

Experience the best of Raw Chef Yin's raw vegan dishes in this course whether it's Korean, Japanese, Indian, Malay, Thai, Christmas, Diner Food, Ice Cream or Tea Time delights!

This course will guide you in making beautiful, delicious, innovative and creative raw vegan cuisine which you don’t want to miss out on.


Redefine Your Mindset: 21-Day Self-Care Journal

Get in alignment with your goals and desires within 21 days


More Easy Raw Vegan Eats

Super simple, gadget-free, low-fat raw vegan recipes for a balanced body and clearer skin. Low fat, nut-free recipes. Ideal for women who want to balance hormones and heal acne naturally.


Raw Break Fast

Raw Break Fast includes 25 recipes from granola to pancakes designed to nourish, heal the body, and spice up your raw breakfast.
Delicious Low Fat and Oil-Free Breakfast Recipes
Nutrient-Rich Start To your Day
Raw breakfast beyond smoothie bowls



This book is a guide, for both students and teachers, on the many ways you can utilize blocks in your yoga practice. You can expect 80 pages that will offer block variations in common yoga postures that will support, deepen, and challenge your practice. This book not only fulfills a nerdy yoga dream of mine, but – in its rawest form – it's also a book about shifting perspectives. There are endless blockabilities, but this should be a good start!


33 Tasty & Easy Plant Based Recipes

A collection of my favorite tasty and easy plant based recipes to enjoy year round.


Dope Meal Planner 21 Day Detox

The Dope Meal Planner Detox is a 21 Day program designed to help guide and nourish each person through their journey of removing toxins, developing healthier eating habits, and releasing excess bloating and inflammation.


Wheatgrass, Microgreens, & Sprouts – Foods of the Future

Dive into the incredible benefits of vitality and super nutrition that wheatgrass, microgreens and sprouts have. Learn our top secret tips of over 40 years of experience growing wheatgrass and microgreens and how they are the foods of the future.


Plant-Based Made Easy: The Complete Practical Guide to Transitioning to a Healthy Whole Food Diet

A foolproof and utterly practical guide that covers all aspects in your life making the change to a plant-based diet simple and enjoyable! Includes a full 2-week meal plan with 55 recipes.

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